Friday, November 30, 2012 shoot

We threw up the green screen and had a photo shoot inside our apartment yesterday. I got to bust out my "Alice" costume. I have shot in this costume before for but the pictures never captured exactly what we wanted. This is the beginning of a twisted series... done right! Also, we had a little Veetle party during our shoot! Click on the picture to watch my Veetle's from yesterday. Plus, I was feeling extra sassy when we wrapped. Shelly had the Bollywood channel on her AOL radio. I went with the vibe and played sing-a-long! All viewable on my Veetle page. Enjoy and keep a lookout for when these pics release! (A small birdie told me that there might be a twitter sneaky peaky. He may just be a gossip but I'd keep my eye's peeled)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Veetle: Diabetes on the loose

Video Link: Diabetes on the loose

Drinking tea and Veetling about dealing with severe cases of Diabetes. Particularly, referencing my family and dog, Ethel. Within the last week, she has become blind as a result.  I live streamed on my phone which is connected to my inactive Veetle page. For the future, it will always post on my Danielle's Veetle

Friday, November 23, 2012

No Woman, No Cry... LOVE!

It's wild how 1 morning can change our life. Totally altering perspectives & priorities. Your "will" for life CAN literally SAVE YOU. I'm SERIOUSLY choosing health & love now. I encourage everyone to hold onto your motivation. Don't loose your inspiration. Allow others to support you while you support them. Share love. Don't hold back. You never know what can happen, people can leave your life & this earth unexpectedly. So, embrace relationships on all levels. Your family is your foundation. You may never feel fully complete until you find some healing & love with them. Then that love over pours into your other relationships. Friends are blessings. Even acquaintances can bring joy. People's roles in your life may vary but it doesn't make them less valuable. Put forth effort. Step outside of yourself. Romance doesn't have to be a game. It could be about 2 people who share 1 love. It will take a lifetime for me to learn how to love whole-heartedly but I couldn't imagine a better way of spending my days on earth. Searching, because even if your choosing to stifle love, it will still find you. Maybe in little ways throughout your day. Or in huge swoops of gratitude. We could all use love at any given time. 

I have been accused of being cold. Able to emotionally turn off & internalize. Although, we all have our moments, I typically handle high stress situations well. Saving my tears for myself (if need be after everything settles, which tears aren't usually productive). I DO NOT LIKE people to see me cry. Never had. I do my best to avoid crying in front of ANYBODY. Not because I don't want to appear "weak". Only because I don't want pity. Or to make people direct the emotional attention towards me... we have to keep focused & as level headed as possible. Crying can be a great way to release. You can't always control. There is no shame. I am just choosing to express those moments in other ways... "No woman, no cry."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Strange Days and Herbs

Today, a strange day found me. Woke up feeling good, had a cup of coffee, went to work, had a protein shake for breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary. Served gourmet coffee to Los Angeles while I sipped on a total of 2 Americanos (espresso shots over hot water). Then all of a sudden, noon hits and I start feeling super nauseous. SURPRISE! It's throw up time! Rolling with the vomit session, it finally stopped. So, I wiped the black mascara running down my face then explained the unexpected turn of events to my coworkers. I was told to go home. I didnt argue. Taking a few emergency plastic bags, I hit the streets. Bumpy bus ride had my stomach juices swishing around. Praying to not throw up on the bus, I stared outside. I gasped when I saw a car accident that had just happened. Somebody ran over a man, he laid dead on the street while the driver was still in shock behind the wheel. A group of people stood far away from the dead man. The fire department was just arriving to the scene with no sirens.

Luckily, I didn't loose my "cookies" and made it to my bus stop! Shelly text saying she'd be walking with the dogs to meet me. I was keeping an eye out for her. When a young, blonde, girl in distress approaches me. Saying how she got a ticket parked at the meter. The meter showed she has 1 more minuet. She had forgotten her phone upstairs and needed to take a picture of her holding up her parking ticket next to the running meter. Before the min was up, I took pictures on my phone and text it to her. She was grateful. We had a brief, lovely, conversation. She said her name was Ariel.

A few more things happened but not everything is meant to be shared with everyone. In this strange day I learned a couple things. ONE IMPORTANT LESSON: Herbs are my friend. I tried to trace back possibilities to why I started vomiting. Along with spiritual battle, I knew there is a physical explanation. I'm no saint but I've been trying to seriously be healthier about what I consume. I am a lover of coffee. But I'm a tea drinker from way back. I've been embracing the tea side these days. Lowering my caffeine consumption overall. My body has been reacting differently to all substances including food and coffee since making dietary changes. So, today when I had all that strong caffeine on am empty stomach made me sick! Of course everything in moderation but   my herbs wouldn't do that to me! Smoke, drink, eat, rub, smell... There's more than 1 way to get your herbs and plenty of different herbs to choose from! Peppermint to soothe nausea, Camomile to relax, let's not forget about Cannabis... many strains for physical or emotional ailments. Herbs are vast with various healing properties for all types of people, moods, and needs. Unless its at home, flavored coffee, I've been forcing to drink coffee nowadays. My body craves and thrives off herbs. I thought I'd document and share this herbal living to all those who are in search of healthy living.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goooood night!

Veetling around before entering total relaxation on this Sunday Funday! Also, soothe your ears before bed... to another lovely creation from Rebelution with a dub twist: "Route Around" Dub- Rebelution
Click Video to Watch!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rebelution - Safe and Sound (Zion-I Remix)

"Yeah this the kinda sound that I wanna hear. Yeah this the kinda vibe that I wanna feel."

Jan 26, is only 2 months away... meaning I will be turning 24! I've had this tucked in the back of my mind since last winter. Entering full adulthood and leaving the comforts of childhood mentality. Although, I do have a child-like spirit that will live as long as I'm around, adulthood does involved sacrifice. Joining work forces, paying bills, raising children... leaving the structure of school and entering the "real world". Finding your own path. Challenging your perceptions while letting go of selfishness and ignorance. Weird times. Also, VERY FUN TIMES! I wanted to approach my 24th birthday feeling wise, physically/mentally/emotionally healthy. I understand that I (or anyone else) will never be "perfect". There is no need to put that pressure upon any person. I just try my best each day. Some days I'll look back thinking "what was I thinking when I said that?", not relating to myself just 1 day before. Lots of changing and growing. My goal by 24, to be living a life I want. I think I am. Working a pretty sweet job at the Cafe. I'd like to land more gigs, but that can always change. Podcasting and Martinez Girlz Production ALL DAY LONG. My theater has become WRESTLING! I am so thrilled to have become involved in wrestling! I look forward to really getting into character(s) and performing more! So basically, things aren't completely ideal. I'd like to be living in a house, have a new car... again, along with money, those things come and go. I feel like I'm on the right path. EXACTLY dead on, where I need to be now. 

In saying all this, I hope your life is "the kinda vibe that you wanna feel." Regardless of what has been thrown at you, your making the best of it! Rebelution's Bright Side of Life & Peace Of Mind album has been inspiring me. Didn't expect on falling so hard for Rebelution! That's how I've been starting my days. Also, take a peek at The Martinez Girlz Facebook for recent pics from Hoodslam and Halloween + more fun stuff! Click link: Martinez Girlz Radio FB

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting Political

This year I finally decided to register to vote. It's something I'd been putting off for years. I leaned more towards a "conspiracy theorist" over any political parties. I questioned the integrity of the voting system. Then, I became a medical marijuana patient and began advocating. I started asking, "Does my vote REALLY count?" I thought the influence of voter was stronger exercised in smaller, community, affairs. But I just don't have a clear answer. I think voting can work. My involvement in the cannabis community reminded and emphasized the importance of voting to me. I figured that I mine as well try, the worst is waste of time or maybe it might actually change things! Besides, it's my right as a female American, why shouldn't I exercise it? It wasn't always so easy. So here you go, Obama... you have my vote! I'll join your party, Democrats. And I'll continue to vote and hold onto the optimism of throwing choices out there! Below is a quick Veetle I made when I got back home from voting... to the future!
Click Video to Watch!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Drinking hot tea on a Monday

It's been a great weekend! We went up to Hoodslam. I'm still fully taking in the last couple weeks... Over a hot cup o' tea! I have nothing but time & soothing hot beverages at work to get my mind back in the game. Check out the newest episode of Martinez Girlz Radio feat. El Chupacabra and our adventures in Vegas during Donkey Show. Go to homepage to listen! Try starting the day with a Podcast... see how your day feels after that. Have a wonderful week!!