Monday, January 28, 2013

Bday Princess Photo Shoot BTS

Danielle is the best person in the universe so YAY to her bday!  We spent her bday at Hoodslam in Vegas.  We will definitely be discussing/showing our experience on this weeks episode of Martinez Girlz Radio and Fun Time Radio.  To see the shots from this shoot visit my official FB page.  I was in photographer mode and Danielle and I made some bday magic!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Last Day of Being 23!

 The Road To 23: In A Nutshell

Tomorrow is the day... my big 24th BIRTHDAY!! People say I'm young. Honestly, I feel so old. Childhood definitely slid by too quickly. Dealing with harsh realities, experiencing traumatic situations that rob childhood innocence. Beginning to understand my purpose. I wanted to be a singer/actress (like in old movies), or teacher. 

Then, I entered the "Teen years".... which were actually fun! I began my make up career. Started working for Benefit Cosmetics. I began driving... which was so empowering! Especially, when I got to trade in my mom's car for my own new car. Did the long term boyfriend thing. Learned A LOT about relationships and myself. Hanging with friends, going to school (I miss school!!), totally throwing myself into singing and performing. Rebellious craving freedom but still a "good girl."

Then early adulthood hit. 18. Went to college on small music scholarship (Choir) and tons of student loans. Majored in Psychology, which is still a passion of mine! Toured with my choir to Romania. First tastes of freedom. Kinda lost myself for a few years. Became closed off, judgmental, then over-corrected by becoming too open and trusting. 20's hit. I discovered Cannabis. In conjunction with weekly therapy and holistic healing, I began finding peace. Deep exploration of self. I go through Rite of Christian Initiation for adults, in the Catholic Church. I'm confirmed and join the Catholic family. Finally, I dropped out of college. COMPLETELY ended unhealthy relationships. Moved to LA and began pursuing a career in Entertainment. Became business partners with my sister, Shelly. I became heavily involved in the Cannabis community. Working with various dispensaries but ultimately continued working as a make up artist. A brief party phase.

Which brings us to now! Serving coffee as my day job. While still hustling and trying to advance in my dream career. This last year has been the most satisfying I've yet to experience in my adulthood. I'm trying new avenues. I would have NEVER planned on becoming involved in wrestling. Still kinda tripping! I thought I wouldn't fit in. Assumed I wasn't wanted. Now, I'm working alongside wrestlers I call friend. This path feels so natural. I'm letting things organically unfold and take form in my life. 24, show me what you got!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

VIDEO New Role in CWF Hollywood

Here's the to beginning of Danielle's new role in CWF Hollywood (!  Stay tuned to the #SaveWrestling section of to see how this character develops!

#CafeDanielle Page Update!

Get in the mood for dating, love, and romance...
Click the picture above to see the updated Café Danielle page from this weeks #MGR

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VIDEO Danielle Makes Smores

We had so much fun during the holidays this year.  We were able to reconnect with family members which is pure gold in my book!  Today the Fun Cam brings to you Danielle making smores in my grandmas backyard in Chino.  We were hanging out with my cousin Louis, his daughter Selma and our others cousins son Michael.  Boy was it cold but totally worth it!

Click HERE to see more!