Friday, October 19, 2012

Cafe Danielle: UPDATE

This week's special at Cafe Danielle:

Should we eat wheat? Are starchy carbs the best option for our health? The controversy that is WHEAT will be discussed... along with mindful mini's and daily apple updates! PLUS an OG creation by me on expresso shots. Have no idea what I'm talking about? CLICK HERE to visit the Cafe Danielle page to read updates. Don't forget to take a peek at my love letter, "What We've Become" written today by yours truly! Stayed tuned on for next upcoming episode of Martinez Girlz Radio,  where we dive into more wheat talk during Cafe Danielle segment. Feel free to share any thoughts on twitter or facebook #CafeDanielle

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm a sick pup!

It's been a crazy month! Non stop! On the go go go!! Between putting in hours at the coffee shop. Doing the Hollywood Hustle. Then working, traveling, and attending different wrestling promotions like Hoodslam, Donkey Show, and CWF Hollywood. My body is worn out! I enjoyed the journey! I learned and grew. But I definitely pushed my body. Maybe I could have been more resilient if I was more aware of staying warm, or had a better vitamin and health regime. I think a bunch of different elements come together and TAKE YOU DOWN! People get sick, it's a part of life. Strange opportunity to examine, live, and see life through delicate lenses. I've been feeling very tender and weak. I didn't understand why. I came home early the past 2 days of work at the coffee shop. Now, for the next few days its healing time!! YAY!! Meaning tons of hot tea, soup, rest, good music and entertainment, plus getting caught up on some Martinez Girlz productions! I'm totally embracing the sickness! Gotta get it out before Halloween! ;) I found this cute video of a sick puppy. Poor little dude just got back from the vet. He's out. Then... nurturing kitty friend tends to her puppy pal! I think it's cute. Plus, it looks like our Ethel Mertz! And the kitty looks like our old cat Ginger! <3

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall into SEXY!

I've spent years struggling with exercise & dieting, loosing & gaining weight, taking control then giving up out of discouragement. Turning into an emotional & physical battle against myself! Why is getting in shape such a challenge?! Why are routines not sticking & becoming healthy habits? Then I started realizing... maybe it's ME who is making this so difficult! Maybe I'm fighting the process by turning health into a dreaded chore. Actions of making wiser food choices & taking time to exercise is quite simple. Results are pretty immediate & obvious when you're CONSISTENT. Yes, there is elements of sacrifice. Just understand the value of food. Ultimately, we eat for survival & nourishment. Somethings are just unnecessary indulgences that delays progress. Causing you to factor in during workout. Workouts are crucial. I try to approach them with fun mindset ready to release! But we don't always want to add onto cardio because we have to compensate for indulgences. Don't get me wrong... I think it's healthy to have a wise daily indulgence then a weekly day/meal "cheat". Maybe you've been totally focused for days & you decided you "deserve" an early or extra unhealthy indulgence. Sure, hard work CAN be rewarded in that way... but there are healthier rewards. You deserve to feel good about your choices & reap the results of your discipline. Somethings aren't worth it. When I've choosen more "instantly gratifying" options, I find myself falling back, always trying to loose instead of maintaining... focusing on catching up rather than keeping on. Instead, I'm trying to remain in the NOW actions. Accepting wherever you are today. Have healthy intent behind actions. Understand & set goals. Then for goodness sake... be realistic! Remembering "cause & effect" but most importantly DO & BE CONSISTENT.
I'm no health expert just an observant gal sharing her journey. I hope this brings support & encouragement to those who can relate! We only have 1 body for this life. Treat yourself good, we all deserve it. We owe it to our bodies, they do so much for us! ;) It's the time of the season to fall into sexy!!