Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few days ago I met with a pretty, purple-haired, girl and her mother at a coffee shop in LA. It was in response to a casting for a music video I submitted for. We instantly clicked and I was hired on! Little did I know the fun that lay ahead!
Taylen Delgado, is an emerging INTERNATIONAL pop star! A talented and sweet, young, Aussie! We were joined by our new blonde buddy, actress, Allison Sharpe. We became the Three Amigos, Three Musketeers... what have you, point is we were a BFF trio!! Running around the streets of Hollywood and the sands of Venice Beach. Getting into trouble. Non-stop dancing! Being carefree, silly, and young!
 I was hesitant to take the gig because I was feeling depressed over my grandma's death. But I knew I had to keep focusing on moving my life forward. Not locked away from the world. I'm so happy I was involved in Taylen's music video shoot. It was a pleasure working with Taylen! It was wonderful making new connections! Meeting fantastic people! I will post the link of the video when it's released. For latest updates and everything Taylen go to: She's super cool, so check out her music and fabulous photos on her site. Support artists! :)

"This place is just a shell, external/ You're a warrior, Fighting for your soul/ Re-unite them return the princess to her king/ and then she'll be filled with joy/ like the days of her youth." -Matisyahu; "Warrior"
Reggae and Jazz is all I've been able to listen to while mourning my grandma's death. Her funeral was Monday. We tossed roses down onto her casket before they covered her grave up with dirt. Doves were released as we said our final goodbye. I've been living through very real moments... some force me to confront life in a raw, inescapable, way. It's been emotionally and spiritually heavy. While at the same time, completely surreal. I felt honored to help my family make her funeral arrangements. Glad we could pay such beautiful respects. Also, very therapeutic. Although, it was odd going shopping with my sister, mom, and cousin for an outfit to bury my grandma in. We found something perfect. I ironed it in the morning before dropping it off at the mortuary. A place that has a haunting stench of formaldehyde.

In sharing all this I hope to paint a very real picture. This experience continues to alter my perspective. As I continue mourning, I can't stomach just any type of music. I tried listening to music on the radio but kept getting annoyed with themes of materialism and irresponsibility. Sure I'm just in a sensitive place right now. Reggae has helped me through this extremely difficult time. Songs about spirituality, love, finding deeper meanings... this is exactly what's on my mind and needs feeding.

Matisyahu speaks my language in so many of his songs. It's comforting to relate with. Recently, I've been finding myself playing Matisyahu's "Warrior" on repeat. I remembered having a panic attack before my grandma's open casket/wake. I was on a walk crying, feeling overwhelmed. I listened to "Warrior" and felt a sense of peace. I knew that I had to stay strong and "return the princess to her king" the way she deserves.

Below, is "Warrior" LIVE! This version is so pretty and melodic. I couldn't find any other live performance that captured exactly what this one did. P.S. Don't know why it has Spanish subtitles but here's an opportunity to brush up on your espaƱol!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Peter and the shot of tequila. 

I usually stick to wine or champagne.. But Peter put me in the mood for a shot! Definitely a rare occasion!

Had a full day extravaganza celebrating Peter's 24th Birthday, Friday! I'd been going through a lot, personally. Peter had been working all week... we both decided to keep the day simple and relaxing. So, we stayed in Hollywood. We enjoyed champagne bruch at home. I love cooking for others, especially for my special, young, Bday man! In late afternoon we strolled over to Cabo Cantina to redeem Peter's Bday promotion. It's actually a pretty cool offer. Sign up online for free meal and bottle of champane on your Bday!

Afterwards, we let the good time feelings simmer. We took the dogs for a long walk. Was so peaceful spending the breezy early evening in nature. We took it easy for a fews hours then got ready to go out for round 2. Below, is a video and pics from our pizza party at The Rainbow Bar & Grill.