Monday, October 21, 2013

I've found myself very drawn to the artist, Grimes, lately. I'm a fairly new fan. After watching live performances on YouTube and reading her bio... I couldn't help but have this week's CafĂ© Danielle feature Grimes! This episode of Martinez Girlz Radio will be up on VOC Nation Friday. I wish I could've interviewed Grimes but until that day, we'll be discussing her, her music, and the inspiration she stirs up in my life. Above is a PHENOMONIAL, RAW, performance of "Be a Body" by Grimes.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Taylen Delgado's music video "Drive" has made it's debut on YouTube! I've been blogging, tweeting, and instagramming in anticipation! Watch Taylen shine and sing her heart out in the streets of Downtown LA, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and the underground LA Metro. I felt privileged to work with Taylen and her professional crew. It was an amazing experience! The camera definitely captured that magic! It was fantastic going back to being 17 years old with Taylen and Allison Sharpe!