Friday, October 31, 2014

I can come across like a bitter, wrestling hating, negative Nancy. I want to set the record straight. I find a lot of art and inspiration through wrestling. I'm fully aware that I'm not a wrestler. Therefore, I have a different relationship with "the business". I've been watching and around that world for many years. Shelly was taking me to shows while she was training. It's always been Shelly's dream to be a wrestler. I was alongside her journey. I've even joined it at times. I've learned so much. Met amazing and talented performers, incredible promoters/writers/production/misc wrestling lovers.  I've really found a lot of joy through wrestling. At the same time, I've always been baffled by the social aspects of the business. Every job has it's own, little, world. Wrestling is something that puzzles me at times. But it's all people stuff. Social behaviors. That's just life. Then, there's social pressures that make me feel very disenchanted. Seeing performer's art get distracted with social politics really irks me. People screwing each other over, being shady, basic high school drama. Watching them work with shady promoters who make everyone feel like they have to play the game to get booked. Whether it's a sexual precondition or ego rubbing quid pro quo... this is just unnecessary. In Hollywood there is sleazy producers with a little cash. Some with legit opportunities. They do bad business, get a girl to sleep with them, or play fake nice to boost their ego. It just blows my mind when people are knowingly accepting the shadiness and putting over these characters. Feeding into their "I'm so great but everyone knows I'm a douche and nothing is ever going to change." Does anyone stand up to these people? I'm intrigued and the journalist in me wants answers. In order to get answers you have to ask questions. Human behavior interests me. I'm just closely involved in wrestling. That's my point of comparison right now.

I podcast. I enjoy listening to podcasts. I find inspiration in many personalities. Therefore, it's a part of my job to be opinionated. Plus, that's naturally who I am.  I could never do radio or podcasting if I didn't have strong opinions. Sometimes, it's controversial. I believe art should make you feel and think. Radio/podcasting is an art. I try to not be harmful or degrading. If I do come across that way I always encourage feedback. Call me out if I need it.

I can go on forever but I just wanted to give a better understanding of where I'm coming from. Especially if you don't know me or misunderstand my perspective... I felt this was important to get out.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!
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