Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lucille Ball playing- Lucy Ricardo playing- Audrey Hepburn... we definitely peeled the onion and went deep during my test shoot! We mixed multidimensional with simplicity. I had my costume from last year's Halloween hanging sadly and collecting dust in my closet. I only wore it once for the Santino's Halloween show. I accidentally backed into barbed wire and bled all over my cute, little,
"Loosey" costume. The blood didn't wash out but I knew it still had at least one more wear in it! After some discussion, Shelly and I decided to have a photoshoot in our apartment with me in my Lucy Ricardo costume. When the day came, I got my caffeine fix, put on The Squirrel Nut Zippers station on Pandora and vibed with Shelly. I really enjoy when Shelly is my photographer. She understands what I'm trying to portray and when I unintentionally display distracting emotions that are unflattering. I told her that for this shoot I wanted to be Lucille Ball playing- Lucy Ricardo. I want to show a layer of Lucille that is often left unexplored. A strong woman. A completely unique talent. Yet a very real person. With insecurities. Struggles. Lucille was a powerhouse icon and business woman who acted as a housewife. Two very different roles. I wonder how she felt or looked at her character as Lucy Ricardo. She would play this loving housewife when in reality Desi was a disloyal mess. They had a terribly unhealthy marriage in real life. How was it to share scenes with Desi after an argument? Was it blissful to pretend those realities didn't exist? Was she in a TV relationship she truly wished was real? How did she view the housewife role? Or would it empower her? Would she walk away from set thinking "I'm glad that's not my real life"? I've been reading books, articles, and watching documentaries about Lucille Ball. She is intriguing and real. Those qualities are probably the core of why audiences now still literally love Lucy... All the talent on top sure didn't hurt either! ;)

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