Thursday, September 11, 2014

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We HAD to have a photoshoot to truly break in our new apartment! I've been finding myself in a work-sleep-go out sometimes-  do it all over again, funk. Been really craving and missing expressing myself in more artistic ways. I literally go crazy when I'm stuck in the funk. I feel so serious, edgy, irritable. Simply, artistically repressed! Things are finally settling down and becoming normal. This too good to be true apartment has become my cozy, little, home now. We are still transitioning. There's tons of changes in our futures. But through all of everything that is to come, this apartment is where WE WILL STAY. Our "constant" during life's ever changing variables.

I always enjoy working with Shelly. We work extremely well together. I really believe in Shelly as a photographer. Her years of modeling experience shows through her photography. That's why I had total confidence collaborating with her! We shared similar ideas on the vibe and story of the shoot. It's all about a girl who FINALLY moved out of the cockroach infested, scary, dumpy, apartment. Who is now settling into her new, safe, peaceful, apartment. There's still uncertainties, challenges, hardships, but things are different now... for the better. There's 3 sets in this shoot. This first one is in our patio/ front yard area. We've always wanted a balcony or patio. Especially, for our old man Fred Mertz! It was a dream come to true to finally have one in our new apartment! I eventually want to grow my own zen garden. I picture lots of cactus flowers! I experienced a moment with the patio when we first moved in. I was alone looking out onto the patio. The sun was shinning in beautifully and I was overwhelmed with emotion. Feelings of excitement, disbelief, surreal, uncertainty, relief... it all flooded me! I couldn't help but cry tears of happiness while I thought "we finally did it" while looking out onto that patio. Although, I wish my garden was up and blooming, I think it's raw to take these pictures in the bare patio. It signifies this time of  "we have 'it' but 'it' is a little empty." Not empty in a sad way. But in a way that we have all this space and room to fill now. A space to decorate and express who we are. So much room for opportunity! Just like in our life. Our last chapter was our move out. Now, we've finished that book. It can go on the bookshelf while we sit down and write this brand new book. This new, INSPIRING, beginning! We will blossom into our place. It's delicate, beautiful, and real. That is basically the emotions I wanted to convey during this shoot and I think Shelly captured it perfectly!

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